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We can provide bespoke, custom designed and manufactured acoustic enclosure performance enhancement kits for particular applications, for one off projects or for OEM ranges. This can also extend to developing design improvements for existing OEM enclosures where the attenuation provided by the standard enclosure needs to be increased.

Available either as retro-fit or designed in from the start, our performance enhancing kits provide a very effective and low cost option to increase enclosure attenuation substantially.

Add more attenuation to acoustic enclosures
We design and manufacture damped steel or aluminium kits to improve the noise attenuation of enclosures. Depending on the application, these can simply be added retrospectively to an existing enclosure or they can be built-in to a new unit. They are very effective at reducing both airborne sound transmission loss and the transmission of vibration that can then be re-radiated as sound. Whilst the kits can often make it possible to double or treble the attenuation of an acoustic enclosure, in some cases the performance improvement can be x10 or more…

Enclosure design improvements
Coupled with the kits, we can also provide technical help in to create innovative enclosure design features for difficult applications or for applications where there are tight constraints e.g. meeting the cooling constraints on generator set enclosures within a much smaller envelope.

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